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For any workspace, a miter saw is a must-have tool. Similarly, a right miter saw stand is necessary for a miter saw. Picking an ideal miter saw stand is important for a miter saw as a wrong stand can cause trouble to the users. But the question is, why you need a stand for your saw? Precision is very crucial while working with the saw, and that’s why using a solid stand becomes essential.

The benefit of using a saw stand is not only stability, but it also allows you to work with more significant wood pieces efficiently. Most of the users consider saw stand as having an extra pair of hands. These stands are available in different types and manufactured by various brands.

We will talk in deep about the best miter saw stands so you can get a full idea of what is available in the market. We’ll not only shortlist some top miter saw stands, but will also provide a detailed description for them.

Summary of Our Top Picks

Image Product Name Details Price
Our Top Pick Our Top Pick Dewalt DWX726 e1570893077505 DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Stand
  • Weight:67 Pounds
  • Holding Capacity:300 Pounds
  • Material Support:8 Feet
Check Price
Highest Material Support Highest Material Support Bosch T4B Portable Gravity Rise Stand Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Stand
  • Weight:76.7 Pounds
  • Holding Capacity:300 Pounds
  • Material Support:18 Feet
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Heavy-Duty Heavy-Duty Toughbuilt TB S600 Stand 1 Toughbuilt TB-S600 Stand
  • Weight:60 Pounds
  • Holding Capacity:600 Pounds
  • Material Support:10 Feet
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Budget Pick Budget Pick BORA Portamate PM 4000 BORA Portamate PM-4000
  • Weight:30 Pounds
  • Holding Capacity:500 Pounds
  • Material Support:10 Feet
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Versatile Versatile DEWALT DWX723 Miter Saw Stand DEWALT DWX723 Saw Stand
  • Weight:35 Pounds
  • Holding Capacity:500 Pounds
  • Material Support:16 Feet
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10 Best Miter Saw Stands of 2022

1. DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Stand

DEWALT is a leading brand manufacturer of power tools and is known for providing high-quality products and accessories. This stand has traditional legs at the one end and wheels on the other hand. When you unbox the unit, you will find the stand disassembled. Make use of the manual provided and install the unit. The installation process would not take more than 30 minutes.

Users can put a saw with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This stand also comes with a cord wrap posts that can be used to maintain the cord of your saw. You need to install the setup to prevent the cord from getting dragged onto the ground. DEWALT DWX726 allows you to select from three different heights, and pneumatic-assisted raising (to raise the stand).

The overall performance of the stand is impressive as it can handle larger saws. The unit weighs 67 pounds and comes with dimensions of 60 x 17 x 10 inches. Most of the parts use steel and manufacturer offers a three-year warranty with the stand. So, no issue with the durability of the unit.

Things We Like:

  • It can handle saws weighing up to 300 pounds.
  • Wide rubber grip wheels for better portability.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Not Foldable.

2. Bosch T4B Portable Gravity-Rise Stand

Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise is a popular miter saw stand, which is extremely useful and versatile. Thanks to its universal mounting system, that allows you to use any miter saw you have irrespective of type and brand. The stand is quite strong and allows users to keep any piece of wood up to 18 feet long. It can be easily folded up to save storage at your place.

Also, it has a sturdy set of wheels at the bottom for enhanced maneuverability. The construction and build quality of the stand is above average as it is built with plastic and metal pieces. The metal part performs great, while the plastic part is not very durable.

This miter saw stand comes with a patented gravity rise system for simple setup and collapse. When you turn the release lever downwards, the weight of the stand will raise the stand and saw in the desired position. It would help you work in a stable environment. It weighs 76.7 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 48.9 x 24.6 x 12.4 inches.

Things We Like:

  • Wheels present at the base for better mobility.
  • The assembling process is quite easy to perform.
  • It can handle up to 18 feet of material.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Some parts are plastic build.

3. Toughbuilt TB-S600 Stand

Well, you might have predicted much about this stand by its name. Toughbuilt TB-S600 is one of the best miter saw stands for heavy construction work. Toughbuilt TB-S600 uses durable steel material that provides strength to deal with big jobs. At the bottom, there are 8.8-inch locked rubber wheels present, which makes it easy to move around.

This stand is compatible with varied models of miter saws. Users can use any material with this stand, which has a maximum height of up to 10 feet. Even when the saw is mounted, users can fold the stand for easy movement and storage.

It can handle a load of more than 600 pounds, which is impressive. Usually, you’ll find a miter saw stand with a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds. This stand weighs 60 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 10.2 x 56.5 x 23 inches. This model features attach and release machine mount that allows quick attachment and removal of the saw without any annoyance.

Things We Like:

  • Compatible with many miter saws.
  • Capable of handling materials of height up to 10 feet.
  • Larger wheels for easy transportation.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • A little expensive.

4. POWERTEC MT4000 Deluxe Stand

POWERTEC MT4000 is a well-designed mid-range wheeled miter saw stand available in the market. This stand uses high-quality steel tubing, and the company claims that this stand has done through several rigidity tests. This stand is known for having a lightweight design that allows users to deal with their projects without any discomfort.

It comes with a standard universal mount that makes it compatible to be used with a variety of miter saws. POWERTEC MT4000 features two 11.5-inch steel rollers that smoothly make accurate cuts. At the bottom, wheels are present for easy transportation and a 110V power supply with three outlets. There are 8-inch rubber wheels that provide not only mobility but also stability.

Although, this unit doesn’t come with a very sturdy construction but is still solid enough to hold loads of up to 330 pounds. So if you’ve to deal with mid-size projects, it’s a great product to pick. Whenever users want to travel with the stand, break down the stand and collapse the legs, and you’re ready to go. It weighs only 40 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 49 x 16.2 x 8.2 inches.

Things We Like:

  • A highly versatile product with a 110V power outlet.
  • Capable of handling large projects as the stand can bear up to 330 pounds.
  • Includes Spring-loaded legs to provide higher stability.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Build quality is not up to the mark.

5. BORA Portamate PM-4000

Portamate PM-4000 is not only known for its lightweight design but also its extreme affordability. It is a folding miter saw stand that users can take along. The stand has got a professional-grade powder-coated steel finish that ensures last long performance while being lightweight.

PM-4000 is designed in such a way that it can smoothly handle loads of up to 500 pounds. With 36-inch work height, users can comfortably work with their projects without any hassle or stress. It supports miter saws up to 12 inches.

This stand also comes with two material supports that can be extended on either side to support 10 feet of material. This miter saw stand weighs 30 pounds and measures 43.5 x 20 x 6.5 inches. To collapse the stand, you have to move the legs to the center side and fix them with pins. 

Things We Like:

  • Powder-coated steel finish for enhanced durability.
  • Capable of holding materials of up to 10 feet long.
  • One of the most affordable stands that can bear weight up to 500 pounds.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Machine attachments are available separately.

6. DEWALT DWX723 Miter Saw Stand

DEWALT DWX723 is another model by DEWALT shortlisted in our picks of the best miter saw stands. This DEWALT DWX723 is one of the highest-quality saw stand available in the market. It is extremely lightweight, meaning users can quickly move around the stand. However, due to the absence of wheels at the bottom, some users may find it a little difficult.

Even though lightweight, this stand can hold a maximum weight of up to 500 pounds and supports sixteen feet of material at max. This amount of load capacity and material support is more than enough for any user. However, if you wish to get more room, then there are locking levers that allow you to extend the table completely. Another feature of this DEWALT DWX723 is portability. As said, it is a lightweight stand, plus it can be folded easily to save space.

Moreover, the feet won’t damage or mark scratches on the floors. It weighs 35 pounds and measures the dimensions of 32 x 150 x 9 inches. Yes, it doesn’t include any wheels for transportation, but it has a carrying handle that offers quite a convenience to move it around.

Things We Like:

  • Effortless to assemble.
  • Legs can be locked in the desired position.
  • It makes heavy-duty tasks easier.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Little challenging to move when the saw is attached.

7. Hitachi UU240F Heavy-Duty Stand

Since 1910, Hitachi is a top-quality manufacturing tool brand in every sector. We’ll be looking at one of its popular miter saw stands called ‘Hitachi UU240F’. This Hitachi UU240F (now Metabo HPT UU240F) is compatible with every miter saw of up to 12 inches. The feet of the stand consists of a non-marking rubber that means they won’t damage or create any scratches on the floor.

It is made of heavy-duty steel that can support up to 400 pounds, which makes it robust and durable. With its top-quality steel build, this tool will last for longer years. At the bottom, there are large-sized wheels present that make it easier to transport. If you’ve to deal with the longer workpiece, you can extend material support up to 95.5 inches.

For faster assembling and collapsing of the stand, this unit has quick-release brackets which are useful for people who frequently switch between jobs. The stand weighs only 50 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 52 x 31 x 37 inches. Overall, excellent build quality, lightweight design, and a brand like Hitachi make it a top-notch tool.

Things We Like:

  • Can Handle 400 pounds.
  • Rubber feet don’t make scratches on the floor.
  • Durable steel frame.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Feet have plastic stops that can degrade.

8. Ridgid AC9946 Stand

This model by Ridgid has adjustable support, which can be used to adjust the height of the stand as per the requirements of the user. This miter saw stand comes with Mounting Braces that enhances the versatility of the stand.

It weighs relatively more than others, but the presence of movable rubber tires solves this problem. The size of the wheels is 12 inches, which is 50% more than the conventional models. The stand can support a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds, which is pretty decent.

The presence of rubber wheels makes sure that the users don’t need to lift the stand for moving. It weighs 67 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 52.1 x 9.8 x 22.5 inches. It can also be folded back quickly if you don’t wish to use it anymore. It would save a lot of space at your workstation. 

Things We Like:

  • The build quality is robust and reliable.
  • Large wheels for better transportation.
  • It has a universal mounting bracket for most miter saws.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Pretty Heavy.

9. HICO UWC4000 Compact Folding Stand

If you’ve storage issues at your workshop and you’re in a desperate need of a miter saw stand, then HICO UWC4000 is the best miter saw stand for you. The build quality of the stand is impressive as it’s constructed from all-steel tubing. Also, it has snap pin folding legs at the bottom for quick and easy setup/breakdown of the stand. In breakdown state, the whole stand folds up to a 4-feet length, which makes it easy to carry around.

With this portable stand, users can put a maximum load of up to 500 pounds. HICO UWC4000 amazed all of us with its maximum load capacity. It also comes with dual extending support arms, which provides you additional 8 feet of space for your materials. It is an ideal pick for those guys who require a simple model rather than sturdy, which is not so easy to set up.

The stand is compatible with 8, 10, and 12-inch miter saws of almost every brand. If you wish to use a blade of bigger size, then it won’t fit in properly. In terms of specs, this stand weighs only 23 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 30 x 10 x 6 inches.

Things We Like:

  • A highly affordable option for the buyers.
  • It supports 500 pounds of weight.
  • Snap pin folding legs for easy setup and collapses.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Users cannot adjust the height of the stand.

10. Makita WST06 Folding Stand

Makita WST06 is not at all short in this race. Makita’s tools are known to be reliable and also deliver high performance. Looking at the build-quality, Makita WST06 comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that profoundly affects the weight of the stand. So you can expect how lightweight tool you’re going to get. Because of the lightweight design, it would be super easy for you to move and store the unit.

Apart from this, the folding feature of Makita WST06 is just like icing on the cake. You can fold the unit to save space when not in use. This stand can be used to hold 500 pounds of weight at once. With this load capacity, you don’t have to worry about the stability as it comes with rubber feet caps that prevent the unit from getting slipped.

It weighs only 33.7 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 56 x 29.5 x 33.5 inches. Users can easily attach and detach the stand with no complications. Also, it gives you the freedom to adjust the stand as well.

Things We Like:

  • Solid and durable construction.
  • Equipped with rubber wheels and side handles for easy transportation.
  • The stand can handle a maximum load of 500 pounds.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Detaching the bars from the stand is a little hard.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw Stand


If you regularly switch from job to job or travel from site to site, then portability should be your priority. But if you install the stand once at your workplace, then you may face difficulty while moving it.

To verify whether your stand is portable or not, you should check the weight and dimensions of the tool. You don’t have to roam around as we’ve mentioned weight and dimension of all the mentioned miter saw stand. Apart from this, the presence of wheels also helps users during transportation of the unit.

Load Capacity

The Miter Saw Stand you buy must be able to achieve the jobs you planned. The highest load capacity of stand we’ve witnessed is about 600 pounds. The maximum load capacity also reflects some details about the durability of the stand.

However, 600 pounds of load capacity may not be useful for every buyer. Those who deal with average woodworking projects, a miter saw stand with 300 pounds load capacity would be enough for them. Apart from this, we also recommend you to have a look over the length of the materials you’ll be using.


It’s a fact that not every woodworker uses the same type of miter saw. Even some woodworkers regularly upgrade or change their miter saw. So the miter saw stand you buy must be compatible with a wide variety of miter saws available. If your stand doesn’t allow you to do that, then you cannot call it a versatile stand.


No doubt, you can add all the bells and whistles elements to your miter saw stand by paying extra pennies. The first thing that a user decides while buying a new product is the budget. We suggest you write all your requirements that you want to fulfill your stand. And based on your needs, you can get the best miter saw stand for the right price.

Want to make a miter saw stand yourself? This video may help:

Final Thoughts

Owning a stand is equally important for your miter saw. And to get the best result out of your miter saw, you need the best miter saw stand. We have tried to cover all those products that meet your woodworking needs.

I’d recommend you check out Toughbuilt or Dewalt if budget is not an issue for you. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can have a look at Portamate PM-4000, which is one of the cheapest yet effective stand you’ll find in the market.

Various brands in the market manufacture top-class miter saw stands at different prices. However, picking one out of these models is a challenging task. Thereby, we’ve shortlisted some popular miter saw stand on which you can research more to make a final call.

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