Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews of 2022 – Buying Guide

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Tired of those traditional manual chainsaws that force you to put lots of effort into maintaining your yard? Do you want to keep your yard neat and clean? Cleaning your yard is not an easy job at all, and especially when you’ve taller trees at your place. The tall trees have those hard to reach branches where you cannot interfere without a proper tool. A cordless pole saw can be handy in such cases.

Global science has adopted wireless technology substantially. A cordless pole saw is one such advancement in technology that will help you in maintaining your yard. A cordless pole saw, in simpler terms, is a lightweight chainsaw with a long stick attached to it.

In this article, our only aim is to help you find the best cordless pole saw according to your personal needs. We will shortlist ten saws, which are top-rated and effective.

Summary of Our Top Picks

Images Product Name Details Price
Our Top Pick Our Top Pick Greenworks 20672 40V Pole Saw Greenworks 20672
  • Battery:40 Volts
  • Bar Length:8 Inches
  • Weight:8.36 Pounds
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Budget-Pick Budget-Pick BLACKDECKER LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw BLACK+DECKER LPP120
  • Battery:20 Volts
  • Bar Length:8 Inches
  • Weight:10.4 Pounds
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Heavy-Duty Heavy-Duty Greenworks PRO 80V Brushless Pole Saw Greenworks PS80L210
  • Battery:80 Volts
  • Bar Length:10 Inches
  • Weight:12.8 Pounds
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10 Best Cordless Pole Saws of 2022

1. Greenworks 20672 40V Pole Saw

Greenworks 20672 is undoubtedly one of the best cordless pole saws that pack excellent power, great battery life, and superior performance. It uses a 40V battery that provides a longer working duration.

On average, users can make up to 65 cuts after every single charge. There is also a battery life indicator present which tells you about the status of the battery. It’ll take around 2 hours to charge and provide 1 hour of working duration.

This saw can reach up to a height of 8 foot 7 inches, which is adjustable and enough for most people. It weighs only 8.36 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 107 x 7 x 7.5 inches. It has an 8-inches cutting bar, which is inclined at a certain angle that allows you to cut through the branch.

Things We Like:

  • Equipped with a powerful battery.
  • It supports fast charging and has good battery backup.
  • Can make 65 cuts after every charge.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Removing the battery isn’t that easy.

2. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 is a lightweight, compact, and easy to handle saw which uses a 20-volt lithium-ion battery. The extension pole is 10 inches long that provides users with a maximum 14 foot overhead reach. This model can cut about 100 cuts (of 1.5-inch wood) after every time you charge the battery.

The maintenance of this model is limited. The pole saw also features automatic lubrication, and you have to make sure that the lubrication tank is kept full. The 8-inch cutting bar and chain allow users to make a cut of 6 inches in diameter. This model weighs 10.4 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 8.2 x 8.1 x 44.5 inches. Overall, this is an excellent choice for the buyers that comes with 2-years of warranty.

Things We Like:

  •  Overhead reach is great.
  • It comes with an 8-inch cutting bar and a chain.
  • The battery charger included is Energy Star certified.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • The chain can fall off the blade in rare cases.

3. WORX WG323 20V Pole/Chain Saw

WORX WG323 is the first 2-in-1 unit mentioned in our list. Users can use this saw as a chain and as a detachable extension pole saw, thereby called 2-in-1. WORX WG323 possesses high speed and torque that helps users in making fast, sharp, and clean cuts.

Moreover, this model comes with auto tension and chain lubrication system that ensures smooth performance of the saw. For more effective results, this saw has an over-mold grip handle that minimizes the exhaustion and put more power over cuts. While testing the saw at high and robust branches, we don’t find any issue as the unit was able to complete the job with ease.

This pole saw weighs 10.4 pounds and measures the dimensions of 97.5 x 7.5 x 9.5 inches. The 20 V battery used with this saw performs tremendous and features a battery indicator, which is a lovely addition. It takes around 5 hours to completely charge the battery, which can provide 30 minutes of working duration.

Things We Like:

  • Battery and charger included along with the unit.
  • It features the Auto lubrication system.
  • Equipped with a powerful and robust motor engine.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Not recommended for palm trees.
  • Some complications with the auto-adjusting system.

4. Greenworks PRO 80V Brushless Pole Saw

Greenworks is a leading brand which makes different types of saws and many other top-quality gardening tools. Greenworks PRO PS80L210 is a well-designed saw that also comes with a 10-inch bar and chain. This model uses a brushless motor, which is known for its extreme performance. It delivers the same performance as a gas-powered saw.

The best part of this saw is, it comes with a powerful 80 volt 2Ah battery, which takes less time to get fully charged. The charger is included with the unit. There is an on-board battery life indicator on the battery that indicates the remaining battery life. It can provide you up to 80 cuts per charge, which is very impressive.

This unit also has a translucent oil tank that automatically lubricates the bar and chain for effective performance. It also shows the level of oil remaining in the tank. This pole saw weighs 12.8 pounds and has dimensions of 109 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches.

Things We Like:

  • It comes with a 2Ah battery and charger included.
  • The automatic oiler system makes the performance very smooth.
  • Users can use an extension to gain a reach of 8 feet.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Pole part weighs a lot.

5. Ryobi One+ Cordless Electric Pole Saw

If you’re looking for a stylish and sturdy pole saw, then Ryobi One+ will be an excellent pick for you. This Ryobi One+ uses a powerful 18-Volt inline motor that allows users to do direct pruning. This saw can be extended up to a height of 9.5 ft with the help of an extension pole. You can easily make a reach to tallest trimming areas with a height of 9.5 ft.

Ryobi One+ also comes with an auto oil system that ensures smooth performance of the saw with endless bar and chain lubrication. This pole saw model has a lightweight design due to which it becomes straightforward for users to move it along.

The battery used in this model has enough power to cut branches up to 6″ diameter. This saw weighs 7.4 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 41 x 6.3 x 10.3 inches. It also has a shoulder strap that provides more control and support.

Things We Like:

  • It doesn’t take much time to get started. 
  • Features easy adjust chain tensioning system. 

Things That Can Be Better:

  • You need to buy the battery and charger separately. 

6. Oregon Cordless PS250 Telescoping Saw

Oregon PS250 is solely designed for heavyweight operations. This model uses a 40V Li-ion battery, which can cut around 500 cuts after every charge. Here, each branch can be of 2-4 inches in thickness. Oregon uses a premium cell technology in the battery that avoids fading out of power in any sense, which is pretty unique.

The performance of the saw is exceptionally smooth as it features a Planetary Gear Reduction system that creates minimal noise and vibrations. The design of the motor used in this unit is called a mid-mount technology that ensures top performance and the right balance.

Users can extend the saw up to 10’2″ inches to get a reach of 14′-15′. You can use the adjustable collar to extend the length of the unit. This saw weighs 13.5 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 75 x 4 x 5 inches. It also features a branch hook for easy limb removal.

Things We Like:

  • Equipped with a 40V Li-ion battery power.
  • It doesn’t make a lot of noise. 
  • Great balance, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Higher price tag. 

7. Earthwise LPS42410 24V Saw

Earthwise LPS42410 24V Saw

Earthwise LPS42410 is a versatile and affordable saw that comes with both battery and charger included. This model comes with a 10-inch bar and chain that can extend the reach up to a height of 9 ft — using a telescopic mechanism. Earthwise LPS42410 uses a 24-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery that maintains consistent power throughout the working time.

It also comes with a 2.5 AH charger that charges the battery entirely in just 1 hour. One segment where users expect some improvement is the working duration of the saw. The cutting time of this saw is only 15 minutes, which is seriously a little figure. So if you’re looking to cut a lot of trees, then we won’t recommend you to buy this.

Users can choose from two cutting head angles to make cuts of up to 5 inches thick. This tool weighs 7.3 pounds and comes with dimensions of 110 x 11 x 9 inches. It also features Automatic Bar & Chain Oiler, which smoothly runs the chain without any problem.

Things We Like:

  • A fast-charging battery. 
  • It comes with a shoulder strap.
  • An adjustable head. 

Things That Can Be Better:

  • The working duration is less. 

8. Hooyman 655236 40 Volt Pole Saw

The first expression users will have for Hooyman 655236 is how comfortable it is for prolonged periods. There are saws designed for delivering power, but if comfort is a priority for you, then Hooyman 655236 is a great choice to buy. The shaft of the model is adjustable, which can be extended to a height of 10 feet and can be collapsed to a height of 4 feet. It means it can be stored even in tight spaces.

Hooyman 655236 comes with a 40V Lithium-Ion battery, which requires 1 hour charging time and delivers 70 minutes of run time after every charge. It also features an auto-oiler system that makes sure there is enough amount of lubrication for the smooth working of the saw.

The oil tank is transparent, which indicates the amount of oil remaining in the tank. Moreover, the ergonomic grip provides more comfort to the users and also keep them more secure. Weighing only 9.7 pounds, it is one of the compacts, and lightweight pole saw available. 

Things We Like:

  • Tremendous power, quick charging, and good battery life.
  • Extremely comfortable to use and is well balanced.
  • A lightweight design.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • You need to tighten the chain periodically.

9. Sun Joe iON8PS2 Cordless Pole Chainsaw

Sun Joe iON8PS2 is the newer and upgraded version of the Sun Joe iON8PS pole saw. Charger and battery are included with the unit. Before using the saw, you need to perform some assembling processes. Make use of the manual provided to set it up. This model uses a 4.0V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery that requires 2.5-3.0 hours to get charged.

Users can make around 75 cuts or use them for 25 minutes after every charge. There are 3 LED lights present that tell you about the remaining battery life: one for empty, other for ½ charge, and the third one for a full charge. This saw weighs 11.2 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 80.1 x 4.7 x 6.3 inches. This unit also includes a shoulder strap that helps in holding the saw stable and comfortably.

Things We Like:

  • Powerful 40V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery.
  • LED lights let you know about the status of the battery remaining.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • Slightly more costly than other models available. 

10. VonHaus 40V Max Saw

VonHaus is a very popular name in the field of gardening tools. We’ll talk about VonHaus 40V Pole Saw here, which is known for its extended battery life. This pole saw comes with a 40V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery that requires only 1.5 hours to get charged. The performance of the battery is excellent and is an ideal choice for long/heavy tasks.

The charger also features an LED indicator light, which is a unique addition for pole saws. For better comfort and gripping, this device has a shoulder strap and auxiliary handle and foam grip, as well. With the help of telescopic pole, users can get a reach of around 8-10 ft.

One thing that we like the most about this saw is the safety feature. This saw includes two stages of the safety trigger that avoids any accidental starts. In terms of specifications, this saw weighs 11.8 pounds and measures the dimensions of 55.6 x 8 x 6.1 inches.

Things We Like:

  • It has an LED charge indicator that looks good.
  • The auxiliary grip provides better control over the unit.

Things That Can Be Better:

  • No replacement parts are available.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cordless Pole Saw


Whether you talk about pole saw or any other cordless gadget. Battery devices usually have limited power. If you look around the market, then you’ll find that there is not a wide range of power variations. A battery with a higher amperage rating has more cutting power but less life. Whereas, a battery with a lower amperage rating has less cutting power but more life.

Having more power ratings also means that users will have to charge the battery more frequently. In general, a battery with 8 amperes of power rating is an ideal choice. 

Battery Capacity

Since you are buying a cordless pole saw, so what you need is to look for a saw with good battery life. You don’t want to leave the task in between and wait for the battery to get recharged again. So make sure you research deeply about the battery life of the unit you’re looking to buy. 

Blade Dimension

Other than your pole saw, it is a blade that makes everything possible. The blade is that part of the saw which will decide the thickness of wood your saw can handle. According to us, an 8-inch blade is the most common version you’ll come across. However, if you manage to get a bigger version, it would be more than excellent. 

Length of the Pole

For pole saws, the majority of people believe that the more they can extend the pole, the better it would be. However, we would like to make their thoughts clear over this matter. We would suggest buyers look for the shortest length as it allows you to deal closer with the branches. However, if you want to buy a long pole, then make sure it has a lightweight and handy design. 


The weight of the pole saw is one of the most important factors that you should keep in mind while making the purchase. If you are supposed to hold the saw for a long time and don’t want to stress your hands, we recommend you to look for a lightweight pole saw. Buying a heavyweight pole saw can be dangerous as it may fall-off if not hold properly. 

What are the reasons to buy a pole saw? Check this video to find out:

Not familiar with pole saws? Here’s an easy guide for using a pole saw for beginner woodworkers.

Final Thoughts

Cordless pole saws are one of the most convenient types of pole saw that offer colossal comfort and flexibility to all the users. Above mentioned are some of the top and best cordless pole saws available in the market, which you can look out before making your mind. However, if you remain with any doubt, then we’ll try to figure it out here in this section.

If you have a limited budget and need a best cordless pole saw, then Earthwise LPS42410 will be a great pick. This model includes all the necessary features required for a pole saw. And if budget is not a concern for you, then you must end your search with Oregon PS250 pole saw.

For serious yard work, Greenworks 20672 cordless pole saw will be the right choice as it has a powerful and long-lasting battery. However, if you found any other saw more convincing, then we must suggest you go with that. You have to make sure that it successfully meets all your needs. 

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