WEN 3959 & 3962 Bandsaw Review

Last Updated on September 21, 2021 by Derek Backman

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As the name suggests, a band saw is made of a blade with a band of toothed metal stretched between the wheels. The blade rotates along with the wheels to cut the materials. It’s a reliable tool usually used for cutting materials like wood, metal, and lumber. Undoubtedly, the bandsaw is one of the most versatile powered-tool for your workstations.

Whenever you’re buying a bandsaw, you’re making a significant investment. This is why it’s crucial to know all the bandsaw types and their functions. Like many other saws, bandsaws are also available in two varieties: portable and stationary models. The working principle of both models is similar, but the portable models give you the freedom to carry your tool at different job sites.

WEN is a well-known name in the DIY industry that manufactures high-quality power tools for woodworkers and artisans. Nick Anton founded WEN in 1951, and since then, they never looked back. Apart from bandsaw, the company also manufactures chainsaws, jigsaws, wet wheel sharpeners, soldering guns, miter saws, generators, and many more.

With that said, we’re going to introduce our buyers to WEN bandsaws. We’ll be reviewing WEN 3959 and WEN 3962, two of the very popular bandsaws by WEN, and help you pick between the two.

WEN 3959 9-Inch Benchtop Bandsaw Review

WEN 3959 is a reliable, affordable, and a heavy-duty power tool for the specialist and DIY enthusiasts. For people who’ve been in search of a compact and lightweight bandsaw, this WEN 3959 can be a good deal. It’s a 9-inch benchtop bandsaw that you can use on every flat and sturdy surface. The bunch of features that WEN 3959 offers is truly commendable and is one of the significant reasons it is trendy among DIYers. The following mentioned are some key specifications and top features of WEN 3959.

Wen 3959


A healthy and robust design is the reason behind every successful tool. Thankfully, WEN 3959 features a compact and easy-to-manage body. The components are made of sturdy and durable materials that enhance the life of the device. The heavy-duty metal provides a premium look to the bandsaw along with durability.

The motor is safely compartmented underneath the iron table, which is powerful enough to deliver top-class results. The build quality of the power cord is also quite impressive. The two wheels rotate smoothly, making it easier to handle the saw.


Wen 3959 Motor

The motor is an essential component that is responsible for the working of the machine. One can quickly analyze the strength of the device by looking at the motor’s specifications.

WEN 3959 is equipped with a powerful 2.5-amp motor that can rotate the included 1/4-inch blade with a maximum speed of up to 2500 feet per minute. The motor is placed under the iron table and is relatively safe there. Considering the price tag, it is a much more powerful motor than what other bandsaw manufacturers offer. And this is the reason why WEN is a popular name in the industry.


Wen 3959 Blade

A precise and perfect cutting is the result of the right blade. WEN 3959 is built with a 1/4-inch blade, which is strong and durable. The saw’s design accepts 59-1/2 inch blades(in length) anywhere from 0.125 to 0.375-inches(in width). This design helps DIYers to use the tool for making detailed and powerful cuts. However, if you’re planning to use this saw to cut hardwoods or trim huge pieces, we won’t recommend you. It can cut through stainless steel material, but that would be very slow.

Size and Weight

A hefty and large tool is not very convenient to use as portability is highly disturbed. Fortunately, WEN 3959 is a small and compact tool that won’t occupy much space in your workstation.

It measures only 19 × 14.1 × 29 inches, so you can imagine the space this bandsaw occupies compared to other bulky models. There are situations when you’ve to displace your tool for some reason. WEN 3959 weighs only 40 pounds, making it a lot easier to move around.


WEN is a reputed brand in the DIY industry. The company has been manufacturing top-notch power tools since 1951. WEN 3959 is associated with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind. Moreover, if you’re facing any trouble with the tool, then you can contact their customer service number. You may also attach proof of purchase at [email protected].

Additional Features

In this segment, we’ll mention some additional features of WEN 3959, which can be helpful for you. This bandsaw comes with a spacious work table measuring 12-¼ × 11-⅞ inches, giving the users ample workspace. The worktable of WEN 3959 can bevel up to 45 degrees that give you the freedom to make more complicated cuts. The buyers will never face storage crises for their projects.

This tool also includes a 2-½ inch dust port that stocks debris in a particular spot. It helps users to work in a clean and bright environment. Besides this, it incorporates a fence that helps to make straight cuts and a miter gauge to improve the accuracy of the cuts.


  • Affordable
  • The 2.5-amp motor can move the blades at 2500 FPM
  • The work table is very spacious
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Not capable of handling heavier projects

WEN 3962 10-Inch Bandsaw Review

WEN 3962 is another extremely popular and high-rated bandsaw by the brand. If you’re an experienced woodworker or a pro-level DIYer, WEN 3962 is a perfect tool for an individual like you. This device is designed with a super-powerful motor, LED light, miter gauge, dust port, and many more exciting features. Most importantly, this device is easy-to-use and comes with all those convenient features that eliminate all your hassles. There’s a lot more to know about WEN 3962 Two-Speed Bandsaw, which we’ll be covering in the section below.

Wen 3962


WEN 3962 has got a clean design. In terms of style, this tool is black-colored, but the orange-colored brand logo and metal components make it look super cool. Most of the parts are made of steel, aluminum, and other materials.

As far as stability is concerned, this device comes with an included stand to ensure that the tool doesn’t wobble during its operation. There is a spacious work table present, which is useful while you’re working with more significant pieces of materials. Overall, it’s a sturdy, durable, and yet stylish tool.


A 0.75-HP motor is a minimum requirement for any bandsaw. If you’ve to deal with more complex materials, then you may opt for greater versions. WEN 3962 is built with a high-powered 120-Volts, 3.5-Amps motor, capable of making cuts of up to 6-inches depth and 9-¾ inches wide.

This device gives you the freedom to work at two different speeds. It can run either at 1,520 FPM or 2,620 FPM. Slow speed is recommended when working with more delicate materials and high speed while with hardwoods.


Wen 3962

Based on the project you’re working on, you need to look for a bandsaw equipped with the right blade. This WEN 3962 Two-Speed Bandsaw is compatible with all 72-inch blades anywhere from ⅛-inch by length to ½ inches by width. This blade is capable of most of the domestic and semi-strong cuttings.

As discussed earlier, the blades can operate at two different speeds, allowing woodworkers to use the saw for various applications. The replacement of the blades is also straightforward. Overall, the blade’s performance is impressive, but we won’t recommend it for heavy-duty projects.

Size and Weight

If you’re looking for a compact-sized, lightweight, and portable bandsaw, then WEN 3962 may not be relevant for you. This tool is made of heavy-duty and durable materials, which increases the overall weight of the unit. It weighs 73 pounds and comes with dimensions of 20 × 25 × 58 inches. However, if you don’t have to travel to different job sites, we would recommend you go for this bandsaw. Ultimately, this tool may weigh slightly higher than other bandsaw models available, but it gains full marks on durability and solid construction.


WEN 3962 doesn’t disappoint its buyers as it comes with a 2-year warranty. Additionally, WEN also provides a 90-day commercial money-back guarantee to all its buyers. To claim your warranty or for any other details, you can write at [email protected].

Additional Features

Here we’ll be discussing the remaining details and specifications of WEN 3962. This tool is designed with many convenient features and LED light is one of them. It allows users to work with a better idea and more accuracy. Also, this feature is helpful while you’re working in low lighting conditions. Another handy feature is the 3-in-1 dust port, which allows woodworkers to work in a debris-free environment—the opening of three ports measures 1-¾ inches, 2-¾ inches, and 4 inches.

WEN 3962 includes a spacious cast aluminum work table measuring 14-⅛ × 12-½ inches. Users can tilt the table 45° to the right to make bevel cuts from 0 to 44 degrees. Also, WEN 3962 comes with a fence and miter gauge, which makes accurate cross-cutting possible.


  • It comes with a more powerful 3.5-Amp motor
  • A huge work table
  • It can operate at two different speeds: 1,520 or 2,620 FPM
  • Capable of making bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees


  • The tension knob is plastic-made

Final Words

Considering a WEN bandsaw will be an excellent decision for people looking for a high-quality bandsaw model. Since 1951, WEN has been known for manufacturing top-notch quality power tools that have gained massive popularity in the DIY industry. In this article, we’ve discussed every detail about WEN 3959 and WEN 3962, two of the most popular bandsaws by WEN.

If you’re on a fixed and limited budget, then WEN 3959 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw is the tool you’re looking for. It is a perfect choice to cover all small-to-medium DIY projects.

On the other hand, if you’ve no budget-related issues or looking for a more powerful bandsaw, then WEN 3962 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw will be an ideal pick. This tool is designed with a 3.5-Amps powerful motor, 3-in-1 dust port, and other essential features useful for better performance.

Derek Backman