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Derek Backman




Hello there! I’m Derek, a woodworker and the founder of TheSawingYard. Based in Miami, Florida, I have turned my lifelong passion for woodworking into a full-time venture. Every notch, every cut, and every finish speak of a story I love to share.

At TheSawingYard, I pour my heart into creating woodworking guides, insightful how-to’s, and honest tool reviews. I started this blog as a platform for my passion and a bridge to connect with fellow woodworkers, from those just starting out to the seasoned pros.

When I’m not in my workshop or updating TheSawingYard, you might find me fishing or cheering on Miami’s local sports teams.

I created this blog with the dream of merging the timeless beauty of traditional woodworking with today’s innovative techniques. My hope? To inspire, teach, and learn alongside you.

OUR AIM was founded with one objective: to become the ultimate hub for woodworking and sawing enthusiasts. We are here to help everyone who loves woodworking, whether you’re just starting or have been doing it for years. Think of us as your friendly guide! We’ll show you the best tools to use, teach you cool ways to make things, and always be honest in our recommendations. We have step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, so you’ll always know what to do next. Whether you’re making a big piece of furniture or a small DIY project, we’ve got your back. Let’s create something awesome together!


Evan Stahl

Evan Stahl

Professional Cabinetmaker

Evan is a cabinetmaker with an eye for precision and design who has completed hundreds of residential woodworking projects.

Samantha Rae

Samantha Rae

Content Manager

Samantha manages and publishes content on TheSawingYard. She collaborates with our editors and writers to create insightful content and woodworking guides.

Stephen Rabon

Stephen Rabon


Stephen is an experienced Arborist and a respected contributor at TheSawingYard, sharing valuable knowledge about tree care and maintenance.

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